Emory's Google Search Appliance

Emory licenses and supports a Google Search Appliance system, which serves as a customized, local search engine for Emory-hosted content. Emory Standard Template websites utilize this search functionality through the global search option in the upper right of the layout.

Discoverable Content:

Emory websites and documents published to websites, Emory news and publications, Emory Directory listings

Metadata Standards/Schemas Utilized:

  • HTML <meta> tags

Additional Notes:

The Google Search Appliance offers customizable features such as the ability to create custom collections (folders or sites of content) as well as custom search queries using specified metadata values. Search results options can also be configured, such as adjusting which structured content/metadata elements are visible, and which are used for sorting.

Emory's Standard Template v.2 allows website authors to configure some Emory Google Search options within the Cascade CMS environment.

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