Requirement Level: Required

Core Element: Yes

Describes: Original Source


The name of the owner or the steward to the original source content (either physical or born-digital): the institution who is responsible for providing access to the resource. This element provides important location context when our metadata is shared across systems (either Emory systems or external organizations).  Note: a separate Institution/Emory unit may also be responsible for digitizing and making the content available online – see the Contributor element for more information.


Digitized audio from Rose Library
Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library
Rose Library poetry sheet (encoded as electronic text by Beck Center) Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library

Research data set developed at Emory, deposited in Dataverse

Emory University

Scholarly article written by Emory faculty, deposited to OpenEmory Emory University
Digital Photo of sarcophagus at Carlos Museum Michael C. Carlos Museum
Digitized video from University Events series Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library

Mappings and Encoding

Dublin Core:  


See recommended mappings for additional standards.

How Do I Fill This In?



This entry may be repeated for resources that are jointly owned/stewarded across multiple institutions.

Recommended Data Entry Type:

Controlled vocabulary

Recommended/default values:

Use of a controlled vocabulary is recommended to ensure consistent organizational name entries.

For external (non-Emory) organization names, use an appropriate name authority, such as VIAF, LCNAF, or ULAN.

For recording names of Emory units owning materials used in digital collections, the Library of Congress Name Authority File (LCNAF) is recommended:

  • For digitized items, provide the name of the Institution/Emory unit that owns or provides access to the original physical item.
  • For born-digital items, provide the name of the Institution/Emory unit that owns/stewards the original digital resource or content. 

Recommended values for Emory units*:

Emory Libraries

Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library

Pitts Theology Library

MacMillan Law Library

Emory University. General Libraries

Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center. Library

James S. Guy Chemistry Library

Oxford College Library

{**Business, Music & Media}

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

Emory Carlos Museum

Michael C. Carlos Museum

Emory Art History Department

Emory University. Art History Department

Other Emory administrative or academic units not specified / not found in VIAF

Emory University

Values from VIAF/LCNAF (as of Nov. 2014). Please use the links to find the most current form of the entry.

LCNAF name entry created; pending activation.
**Some units’ name entries are pending.

Additional entries may also be available for individual schools and units within Emory. If your unit is not yet represented in LCNAF/VIAF, use “Emory University” as a temporary entry.

Punctuation/style notes:  

When using a name from a controlled vocabulary, make sure to preserve the entry exactly as it is presented (do not change punctuation or capitalization).

Additional detail:

When using terms from a formal authority, if your system or schema supports it, it is recommended to add the following attributes to provide more information about your Institution name entries. This extra data enhances systems’ abilities to keep the controlled terms up to date:

  • Vocabulary name or code
  • Vocabulary URL
  • Term/value ID
  • Term/value URL

System Tips:

When mapping Institution to simple (unqualified) Dublin Core, it is recommended to use the publisher element.  For items included in digital collections that have previously been published by a party other than Emory University (e.g. a commercial publisher), it is recommend to map any metadata entries relating to the prior publication (original Publisher name, date and place of publication, and other citation detail) to Dublin Core’s source element, along with qualifying text such as “Originally published:”


My digital object is both owned and created by my unit (Creator and Institution are the same).

Use the same value for both entries. Both the Creator and Institution elements are required or required if applicable.

I published a digital project that incorporates items from a MARBL collection. Should I list them or my unit as the Institution?

If MARBL owns/holds the materials, they should be listed as the Institution.

My digital collection uses materials from another institution outside of Emory.

List the external institution name using the guidelines noted above (use VIAF or the LCNAF as the source for how to format the name).

My digital collection includes licensed, commercial material.

The Metadata Working Group's guidelines currently apply to unique, Emory-owned or Emory-created materials only.

My digital collection includes digitized physical materials.

Enter the name of the Emory Library or academic unit that owns or is responsible for the physical materials, using the guidelines for name entries listed above.


What is a controlled vocabulary?

Links and Resources:

VIAF (Virtual Authority File)

Library of Congress Name Authority File

Guideline last revised: 2015-10-19